The #1 Cannabis Delivery Platform

We built our online ordering Smart Store completely tailored to cannabis delivery.
It's a perfect website for your cannabis retail business and it's fully packed with everything you need to grow.

Do you have amazing customer service and reviews but can't seem to scale up your business? Word of mouth marketing is the strategy you've been missing for explosive growth.

Trying to expand your business? We take a deep dive into multiple hacks you can do to boost new customer growth as well as retain them for the long run.

We go over our top 5 methods of marketing for cannabis delivery companies and dispensaries, check it out to grow your business!

Cannabis Delivery Software

Built by actual owners of a cannabis delivery company, we have experienced the problems and issues that come with retail cannabis delivery and we have developed numerous solutions to make your lives easier.

Customer Website & Ordering App

"The UberEats of Cannabis"

Customers can effortlessly place orders as if they were ordering an Uber.

Effortless online ordering

Simple, intuitive native iOS and Android enabled websites with interactive walkthroughs make it dead simple to place an order and send it to a driver.

No updates required, ever.

Our intelligent online ordering platform is integrated directly into your Weedmaps profile. This means that all you ever have to do is keep your Weedmaps profile up-to-date and our online ordering store will be up-to-date as well!

No Setup Required

Seriously, you can be live and accepting orders online within 10 minutes. Today.

Greenline Deliveries does almost 50% of their orders through their easy to use website!

Don't get a useless
Shopify, WooCommerce or Wordpress website.

We've seen this time and time again, website design agencies that sell you a generic templated cannabis website that provides you and your customers zero value. Before you move forward with a website design agency, I urge you to ask how often you'll be updating your products and if your customers can even place an order.
For as low as $99/month you can compete with the top companies in the industry with a beautiful, self updating online ordering website tailored to your exact requirements.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our state of the art online ordering platform can be integrated into existing websites or used as a standalone website + application for your customers.


We've ran thousands of orders flawlessly without hiccup or failure. We have a 99.99% uptime and a 7 days a week support line.

Tailored for Cannabis Delivery

Your customers can select every detail that you require to send out a driver. We support delivery windows, next day delivery, delivery zones, canada-wide shipping and so much more.

Delight customers

Real-time updates, direct communication and a critical feedback loop.

Automatic status updates

Let customers know when a delivery has started, when it should be expected, and when it’s arriving with automatic SMS notifications.

Real-time driver tracking

Provide live driver locations with accurate ETAs in a beautiful, branded and responsive web tracking experience.

Dispatch efficiently

Consolidate routing and dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard.

Intelligent Assistant Route Optimization

Route optimization

Intelligent Assistant’s integrated route optimization engine considers time, location, capacity and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. Need to make changes or re-optimize? Updates are sent to drivers in real-time.

Scale & Grow

We enable our clients to safely grow their business without falling behind.

Intelligent Assistant Exposes Key Metrics

Keep on-top of your drivers

Visualize success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled and more. Segment data by teams, drivers, day, week, and even hour of the day.

Intelligent Assistant Integration Illustration

Integrate with Intelligent Assistant

Intelligent Assistant easily connects to your existing tools, making it easy to launch or migrate a delivery operation. Ask us about transferring your data from an existing software platform to ours.